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Orgo Incense Holder

Orgo Incense Holder

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Incense holder carved from a solid piece of domestic hardwood. The organic curve with a piece of your favorite incense will add that calming touch to your home! Each piece has a unique wood grain that makes this incense holder one of a kind!

Product Dimensions: 3.75"W x 3.75"L
Incense Sticks: These are made in two options - Japanese or Bamboo Style sticks. Please select the option you would like before making your purchase.
Japanese Sticks : 7/64 hole
Bamboo Sticks : 1/16 hole

NOTE: Because Japanese sticks do not separate the embers from direct contact with the incense holder, the heat can cause damage to the wood holder. It is suggested that before the ember reaches the base, put out the ember and insert a new incense. Damage holders will be non-refundable.

The wood figure as seen here is not an exact representation of what you will receive due to the organic nature of wood. Please allow 3 days of processing time before this product ships!



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